Shot list:

Shot # Location Shot type Camera angle Camera movement Shot description
#1 Woods Establishing mid shot Eye level Tilt downwards Establishing shot showing the woods.
#2 Woods Establishing close up Eye level Focus change onto tree Establishing shot showing the woods.
#3 Woods Establishing long shot Low angle Pans round the trees from a central pivot. Establishing shot showing the woods.
#4 Woods Establishing extreme close up Eye level Camera is static Establishing shot showing the woods.
#5 Woods Establishing Medium angle Eye level Camera pans round to the right Establishing shot showing the woods.
#6 Woods Close up High angle Camera is static Shows the protagonists foot running.
#7 Woods Long shot Eye level Camera is static Shows the protagonist running from behind.
#8 Woods Long shot Eye level Camera is static, focus on tree that is close Shows protagonist running from in front.
#9 Woods Long shot Eye level Camera is static Shows protagonist running from the side
#10 woods Mid shot Eye level Camera is static Shows the protagonist stopping
#11 woods Long shot High angle Camera is hand moved around a tree to seem creepy, as if someone is watching Close up focus on tree with protagonist in the background.
#12 woods Close up Eye level Camera is static Shows protagonist confused.
#13 woods Long shot Eye level Tracking shot Watches protagonist explore noise
#14 woods Long shot Eye level Tracking shot Watches protagonist explore noise
#15 woods Mid/close up Low angle Close up focus Protagonist shocked at body, antagonist out of focus behind.
#16 woods Mid shot Eye level Tracking shot Protagonist starts to run
#17 woods Close up High angle Camera is static Protagonist foot stepping back
#18 woods Mid shot Eye level Tracking shot Protagonist starts to run
#19 woods Close up High angle Camera is static Antagonists foot steps forward
#20 woods Long shot Eye level Tracking shot Protagonist runs towards camera
#21 woods Long shot Eye level Static shot Both characters run away from camera
#22 woods Long shot Eye level Tracking shot Protagonist runs towards camera
#23 woods Mid shot Eye level Static shot Protagonist hits tree
#24 woods Long shot Eye level Static shot Protagonist walks into clearing
#25 woods Long shot Eye level Static shot The two face to face
#26 woods Mid shot Low angle Tracking shot Antagonist swinging weapon
#27 woods Close up High angle Camera static Protagonist laying there
#28 woods woods High angle Camera static Protagonist being dragged off

Task 2: thriller opening scene evaluations

Task 2:

Batman: The Dark Knight:

The opening scene to The Dark Knight is very conventional of the thriller genre. One example of this is the non-diegetic sound used in it. The music is an orchestral song that starts off slowly and quietly as one instrument and over time builds up to a whole orchestra that is playing very fast and loud upbeat and suspenseful music. This builds up suspense for the rest of the film and gets the viewer exited. The vibe of the music reflects the whole film in how it is action packed and mysterious which is shown through the build-up in the music. The diegetic sound in the scene is of a clock ticking, showing the passing of time, this helps build suspense as it makes the viewer think about what is going to happen at the end when the clock stops ticking. Another key element in the sound to the opening sequence is the way that the antagonists maniacal laughing is in the background. This sound is diegetic and builds on the characters personality, showing the audience that he is clearly insane, which makes the film seem a bit creepier and therefore fits in well with the thriller genre by building suspense and tension.

The font used in the titles is a thick font that looks grand and bold, making it stand out, they fade in and out with an effect on the words that make them look as if they were burning paper. With the holes burning into the text. For emphasis on the words the text has been edited to slowly grow a little which would catch the viewer’s eye and get them to read it.

The colours on the title screen in the background are all blacks and greys, of concrete on the floor. This is very typical of the dark thriller genre as it is quite gothic. On this dark background however there is fire, which is a bright and vivid colour, which foreshadows all of the action that happens later in the film. Another part of the title sequence that doesn’t match the dark colours that primarily make it up is the way the jokers purple and green clothes contrast this, they are brightly coloured clothes that look like they have since been dirtied, showing the characters personality as a criminal, the same as the makeup does. The makeup the joker wears is messy and dirty, it looks like the character has just put it on himself which builds backstory to the character. The makeup is dark around the eyes and pale in the face making him look ill and psychotic, which builds interest for the character in the audience.


James Bond: Casino Royale

The Opening scene to Casino Royale is not typical of the thriller genre. It starts off typically however because it is in dark colours, having a black and white hue over it, it makes it seem like an old film, like how the first James bond films were, it looks as if its going to be starting off calm with James going to pick something up, then you see someone go and pull a gun on him. This is very sudden action, foreshadowing the huge amount of action that happens through the film. The black and white is massively contrasted with the red that drips down from the point of view shot, as if the viewer was the criminal and Bond had just shot them. This allows for the editing to swap to a red background as if it was the blood. The next part of the title sequence is unconventional as it is all red on the screen. This means that its mostly quite a vibrant colour scheme, rather than the usual black and grey one.

The text is all in white which helps it to contrast with the red and black on the rest of the background helping to show the text more clearly, helping the viewer to read it. It is in a block capitals and in a very uniform font. This kind or reflects on the spy files that feature a lot in the James Bond film franchise, due to the focus of the genre being a spy film as well as a thriller.

The rest of the title sequence is in a cartoon drawn animation with a heavy focus on playing cards and guns over a patterned background. The guns demonstrate the spying nature of the film and the action that the genre brings with it, which is normally conventional of the thriller genre as well. The playing card symbols are foreshadowing the semantic field of casinos and card games that the film is involved with. All the characters in the opening scene are silhouette, the enemies represented as red while bond is represented as being a black one, the silhouette only fades into looking like the actual James Bond in regular colour for a second at the end, which raises suspense and adds a sense of mystery.

All the sound used in the opening titles is Non-Diegetic as there is no other sound apart from the background music that is used, other than the gunshot in the very first seconds. The music starts off very grand and orchestral and then quickly fades to electric guitar and drums, which is more of rock music. This suits the action that’s going on in the scene, as its very upbeat and dramatic. Towards the end of the scene the rock music merges with the orchestra for a dramatic exit to the opening titles.

casino royale



The Nightcrawler Title sequence is quite typical of the thriller genre through its use of dark colours, contrasted with the bright lights of traffic and the lights on cars or street lights. The camera work is very different as it is lots of quick shots of driving in a car, with the inside of the car in focus while everything outside of the car is out of focus and very blurry. This creates a sense of the unknown and mystery. The editing is very short quick cuts between these shots, never leaving them on for any more than a second, which helps build suspense.

In the way of sound there is very little music. There is some strings music with a beat on it to start off with but that fades out after about 30 seconds and leaves the rest of the title sequence silent. This helps build suspense as it is silent and therefore the viewers don’t know what is going on and what’s happening. There is absolutely no diegetic sound in the opening sequence which means it gives very little away about the scene that the film is set in.

The Titles used in the scene are all in block capital white letters and are clear and easy to read, they contrast against the dark of the night and the streets. The Nightcrawler title at the end of the sequence is very large and clear. It is just above a bright city setting on the horizon and the title is white against the black of night. This emphasises it and makes it stand out more to the viewer. Another way that its made to stand out is the way that the title slowly grows as time goes on and as it gets bigger its more in the view and this catches the attention of the viewer.


Evaluation PowerPoint text:

All of this and more is presented on our PowerPoint, however if your having trouble opening it on there I’ve put it on here for easy access.



In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My product, the thriller “impure impulses” uses the convention of mystery and the unknown that is often used in thriller films. It does this by never truly revealing the antagonist’s personality or face, keeping him unknown to the audience as they don’t know anything about this character, what he looks like or anything about his background or morals. This is quite often used in thriller films, for example in the Christopher Nolan film “The Dark Knight” the antagonist the joker is presented as an extremely mysterious character as his true face is almost always hidden by a thick layer of makeup and his backstory or character is never truly revealed. The antagonist in my film will have his face covered and a hood up, never revealing much about him. The location we are using in our film is very conventional of lots of thriller films, the filming is all going to be done in Harleston firs, the woods. Lots of thrillers are shot in woods or forest, as outdoor areas are threatening to the characters sometimes because of the fear of the unknown, and the way that the characters could get lost or other unknown things could happen. It obstructs the views of the audience due to all the trees in the way, this makes the viewers sense of fear increase as they cannot see what else is happening around the character. Also, the shadows and the darkness casted by the trees will make it a more eerie atmosphere overall increasing the fear factor. Another way that the film uses a convention of the thriller genre is through camera shots and the way that we have used lots of short cuts in the chase scene this creates tension. This is a common technique used in lots of thriller films, for example in the opening scene from Shaun of the Dead.

A way that we are defying the conventions of the thriller genre is through the music we are using. At the start of the film we are using some happy upbeat music, as the victim is peacefully running through the woods. It contrasts other thriller films and sets the film up so that it seems like all is fine and then causes shock when the murderer comes into the film.

One way that “impure impulses” challenges the stereotype that most thriller films use is how that most victims in thriller films tend to be young women, rather than men like in our film. Women are used as victims in most thriller films with a murderer or creature, for example in films like: Silence of the lambs, Split, Scream and others. We chose to use men to be the victims in this film to defy the stereotype of women being more vulnerable and defenceless than men are.

How does your media product represent social groups?

My media protect represents the social group of teenage boys, as both the antagonist and protagonist are in this social group. This represents the group well as it shows that the social group is diverse in personality and temperament, rather than to common belief that all male teenagers act the same. Impure impulses shows otherwise as it represents one of the characters as calm and collected and innocent, whereas the other character is shown as being evil and angry. The Social group is normally represented with the stereotype of being lazy. Neither of the two characters in the social group are represented as this and therefor they defy the stereotype well, proving to the viewer that not all teenagers are the same.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

My product may be distributed by a company such as Haxan films, this is because they only produce action thriller films and horror, for example the thriller horror film Blair witch project (1999) This goes well with our film because like Blair witch project they are both set in the woods in the forest away from civilisation, as well as other similarities. The style is also similar to the film due to the way that both films use filters to emphasise the darkness in the forest and create a sense of fear.

Another company that may distribute our media project is Lionsgate. They distribute lots of films every year, being one of the most well known in the business. They have also distributed lots of thriller films including cabin in the woods, which also is similar to impure impulses in the way that it is shot and the scenery around it. The way that these films have been marketed towards the consumer before release was different and interesting and would be suitable for impure impulses as well, as it would help get the film lots of views and a general interest in it which would help with publicity. They did this by using a website and creating a ere feeling on the site which got the potential customers to take interest in the small indie film and helped it grow into a classic film that is a household name.

Impure Impulses                              Blair Witch

Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for the opening scene for my film would be teenagers and young adults. The content would be too mature for young children and therefor teenagers would be the target audience. On average thriller films are often liked by the adolescent audience, for example some popular films such as inception and shutter island. Impure impulses would aim to have a relatively similar target audience to aim the film at. The male gender would be a more likely audience for the film as on average it is more common for men to enjoy action films.

From Young & Rubicam’s 4Cs I believe that our target audience would generally fall into the categories of the explorer as well as the struggler, who want to escape reality and find entertainment in something that is fantasy and abstract that takes away from the struggles of everyday life and presents a different and thrilling problem. Therefore Impure Impulses is a good film for them as it’s in the thriller genre. 

How did you attract/address your audience?

We have attracted our audience by building tension and creating suspense. This attracts people who are fans of the thriller genre due to this recurrence in the thriller genre. This would attract the target audience of young adults and teenagers by building suspense making the viewer want to watch on and see what happens to the character portrayed by Declan, the protagonist. Therefor becoming more engaged about the future of the film and becoming invested in the characters and seeing how it will pan out till the end of the film.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I’ve learnt about how to use the blog and post my work onto there as a platform for sharing my work. I had never used a blog before so this was my first time using one. I found it very useful as it is an easy access anywhere to my project and also allows others to see what I’ve done. I’ve learnt that to post to the blog as well as editing my pieces and adding in pictures as well. Another thing I’ve learned about is adding in filters on Adobe premiere pro, the editing software that I’ve used to edit Impure Impulses together. I learned to use them and to add an element of fear and suspense doing this by making filming that was done in the middle of the day look like it was filmed at twilight, without sacrificing camera quality by filming in the dark.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I learned that communication is very important, during the preliminary task my team’s communication was not amazing and could have been better because we all had different ideas about what was going to happen in the task. In the creation of Impure Impulses we communicated each of our ideas well and listened to what each other had to say and combined our ideas appropriately. This helped very much due to the fact that there was no disagreements and we could combine both our ideas to form a better one.

Another thing that I learned from the preliminary task was the importance of being able to hold a shot steady and in that the use of a tripod and shot framing. In the transition from the preliminary task to the final product the shot types, holding the shot steady and shot framing all improved dramatically through the use of a tripod to help hold the camera steady and frame the shot properly.

Character ideas

The Protagonist ,the runner

-The florescent running jacket is a very bright colour and therefore represents the runners every day intentions of being a normal member of society and wants to be seen as a sense of safety.

-bright coloured shoes give the same effect as the jacket but also gives the character the representation of being sporty.

-the bright coloured running joggers also make the character seem happy because of the bright colours.

-the headphones will be used to represent a change between diegetic and non diegetic sound by having the protagonist taking them off of his head.

The Antagonist, the killer

– heavy work boots are to represent an antagonist who works outside with a manual job that requires heavy boots.

-the tool belt is dark and also like the boots, presents manual labour.

-the bandanna covering the face makes the antagonist seem hidden and mysterious. The audience therefore is more intrigued by the character.

-The long dark coat makes the character less visible as it is very dark and therefore more mysterious, as if the character is concealing something.

Task 3 research


Name: The Dark Knight

Director: Christopher Nolan

Release date: 24th July 2008

Made in: UK/USA

Box office returns: 268919979.909

Intended target audience: Mainly male audience, aged 12 and up focusing on teenagers and young adults that like the superhero genre.

Audience reception and user ratings: The film was received well by the target audience and has become a benchmark for DC movies to come, and a great edition to the Dark Knight trilogy. It was rated a 9 on IMDB and an 82 on Metacritic. Most consumer reviews were 10/10


Joker interrogation scene analysis: (1:25)

1.       How is the antagonist/or protagonist represented in the scene?


The antagonist, the Joker is show and criminally insane but while being clever and cunning. This is demonstrated by him being calm, he laughs at threats and in the face of danger presenting him to have no fears or emotions. He is shown to be clever and cunning because even though he has been captured and beaten he is still in control of the situation ad by the end of the confrontation has the upper hand on everyone. Another way that he is shown as insane is the way his makeup is, it’s the makeup of a clown with scars on his mouth as a Chelsea smile. The camera angles used on him are mainly quite close, they show his face and his shoulders but not much else, this creates a sense of mystery that surrounds this character and makes the viewer intrigued by his personality. The actor Heath Ledger gives his character strange little habits such as the way he often sticks his tongue out when he is speaking, which is very symbolic of a snake, which him the bible is linked to the devil, who the character the joker is very much based on as he calls himself an agent of chaos and is a complete anarchist .




2.       How does the location and the use of light and dark depict the emotional landscape of a character?


The darkness around the Joker shows his dark and evil nature, that is contrasted to Commissioner Gordon’s nature, who lives by the book and works for the police being good. There is a light behind his head. This shows light and his personality being bright. The joker however is in the dark and all that you can see of him is his face, covered in white makeup, showing the only light of him to be artificial and not real. The white makeup on his face emphasises the fact that its dark, while still letting the audience seeing his face.

joker 2


3.       How is sound used to create suspense and other effects in the scene?


No background music is used. This creates suspense as the music gives no hint to what’s going to happen next. The only things that can h=be headed is the dialogue between characters and the noises from the violence in the fight scene. This emphasises the tension between characters and the anger. the jokers voice is high pitched in comparison to the average man’s voice. However, the voice that Christian bale uses in his character is very low and rough creating a angrier depiction of his character. All that can be heard in the background is a quiet low hum of electrical lights, adding to the suspense.