Task 3 research


Name: The Dark Knight

Director: Christopher Nolan

Release date: 24th July 2008

Made in: UK/USA

Box office returns: 268919979.909

Intended target audience: Mainly male audience, aged 12 and up focusing on teenagers and young adults that like the superhero genre.

Audience reception and user ratings: The film was received well by the target audience and has become a benchmark for DC movies to come, and a great edition to the Dark Knight trilogy. It was rated a 9 on IMDB and an 82 on Metacritic. Most consumer reviews were 10/10


Joker interrogation scene analysis: (1:25)

1.       How is the antagonist/or protagonist represented in the scene?


The antagonist, the Joker is show and criminally insane but while being clever and cunning. This is demonstrated by him being calm, he laughs at threats and in the face of danger presenting him to have no fears or emotions. He is shown to be clever and cunning because even though he has been captured and beaten he is still in control of the situation ad by the end of the confrontation has the upper hand on everyone. Another way that he is shown as insane is the way his makeup is, it’s the makeup of a clown with scars on his mouth as a Chelsea smile. The camera angles used on him are mainly quite close, they show his face and his shoulders but not much else, this creates a sense of mystery that surrounds this character and makes the viewer intrigued by his personality. The actor Heath Ledger gives his character strange little habits such as the way he often sticks his tongue out when he is speaking, which is very symbolic of a snake, which him the bible is linked to the devil, who the character the joker is very much based on as he calls himself an agent of chaos and is a complete anarchist .




2.       How does the location and the use of light and dark depict the emotional landscape of a character?


The darkness around the Joker shows his dark and evil nature, that is contrasted to Commissioner Gordon’s nature, who lives by the book and works for the police being good. There is a light behind his head. This shows light and his personality being bright. The joker however is in the dark and all that you can see of him is his face, covered in white makeup, showing the only light of him to be artificial and not real. The white makeup on his face emphasises the fact that its dark, while still letting the audience seeing his face.

joker 2


3.       How is sound used to create suspense and other effects in the scene?


No background music is used. This creates suspense as the music gives no hint to what’s going to happen next. The only things that can h=be headed is the dialogue between characters and the noises from the violence in the fight scene. This emphasises the tension between characters and the anger. the jokers voice is high pitched in comparison to the average man’s voice. However, the voice that Christian bale uses in his character is very low and rough creating a angrier depiction of his character. All that can be heard in the background is a quiet low hum of electrical lights, adding to the suspense.


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