Character ideas

The Protagonist ,the runner

-The florescent running jacket is a very bright colour and therefore represents the runners every day intentions of being a normal member of society and wants to be seen as a sense of safety.

-bright coloured shoes give the same effect as the jacket but also gives the character the representation of being sporty.

-the bright coloured running joggers also make the character seem happy because of the bright colours.

-the headphones will be used to represent a change between diegetic and non diegetic sound by having the protagonist taking them off of his head.

The Antagonist, the killer

– heavy work boots are to represent an antagonist who works outside with a manual job that requires heavy boots.

-the tool belt is dark and also like the boots, presents manual labour.

-the bandanna covering the face makes the antagonist seem hidden and mysterious. The audience therefore is more intrigued by the character.

-The long dark coat makes the character less visible as it is very dark and therefore more mysterious, as if the character is concealing something.


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