Thriller poster evaluations

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Blair Witch poster (2016 version):

The Blair with poster follows typical thriller genera, one way it does this is that it is only made in dark colours, red and black. These colours give the film the appearance that it will be scary as its showing mystery and darkness. This reflects the nature of the film as it is a dark horror and thriller film and makes it seem like there is something in the darkness that the viewer that cannot see. The poster is covered in roots and this is reflective of the film as the whole thing is set in the woods, they also look like veins on a person, which has connotations with the fact that there is murder and killings in the film; it only hints at this though hit never explicitly says that there are killings.

Another thing about the cover is that it has in small letters in the lower middle of the poster it says the tag line for the film “There’s something evil hiding in the woods” which tells the reader that there is something out there but keeps the film thrilling as it gives the element of mystery by not saying what is in the woods. The way it says there is something “evil” makes it sound more thrilling and scary because of the unknown.

Another way that the poster complies with the thriller genera is how the theme of death is used, in this case in the red structure in the middle some of it is made up of what looks like dead bodies and body parts, made into some sort of satanic effigy. This makes it seem scarier because it is shown to have connotations with the devil who is in the Christian fair the embodiment of evil. The whole poster is a reflection down the middle which is confusing the audience and gives away very little to the audience making it even more thrilling. The shape they are formed into are with symbols, that were belived years ago to be the mark of an evil witch.

The font used in the title and the date is an old-time typewriter which shows that the film was set roughly 50 years ago, therefore causing even more mystery and fear to the audience.

Mad Max fury road:

In the Mad Max poster, it complies with the thriller genera by having a dark colour around the edge of the screen. This makes it seem like a darker thriller poster. The colours start of dark towards the outside and get brighter towards the middle and in the centre of the poster where the colours meet it is the light on the horizon. This is very symbolic of the film in the way at the start it is very dark and Max is captured and tortured, while towards the end Max is reaching the horizon and is in a better place.

Another way that it is conveying the thriller genera is how max is shown in an extremely wide shot from behind. This only shows a small amount of him and you cannot see his face. This conveys suspense and mystery as it gets the potential viewer thinking about what he looks like and what actor is playing him. The shot is also set in the wasteland in a desert and this gives nothing away about the film, therefor building suspense as it is just the wasteland and the viewer doesn’t know what is in the film as it gives nothing away. The car in the shot is old and rusty, showing that there is something wrong in the world as he is driving a broken rusty car rather than a working shiny one, making it more intriguing and post-apocalyptic looking.

The font for the date and the slogan is a messy and hand written in paint. This emphasises the way of the waste land and how things are re used and old. This is linked to the thriller genera because it shows that things are bad and the world is not in a good place. The title is also in an old rustic font that is like rusty steel. Which links to the heavy semantic field of cars in the film. It shows that they are run down and broken, which summarises the way of life in the waste land where it is set in this is a part of the thriller genera due to the unknown nature.

The tag line of the film “What a lovely day” is in an ironic tone which contrasts with the stereotypical thriller genera as the phrase would be happy in most other films of genres but as you find out later in the film it is actually in an action scene and not a lovely day as it would stereotypically be looked at.

The Dark Knight:

In the Dark Knight poster the colour scheme is very dark, Its all blacks, greys and blues ad this suggests a dark nature to the film and this is stereotypical of the thriller nature. The bottom of the poster is completely black and as it fades upwards into lighter colours, this kind of represents Gotham where the film is set. The only vibrant colour in the poster is the fire on the building behind batman. The fire is standing out due to it being a vivid orange in comparison to the other dark colours in the poster, this would draw the attention of possible viewers and get them to see the fire. The fire is in the iconic shape of the batman logo. This would make it extremely easy for people to recognise that there is a new batman film coming out as it stands out so hard against the ark background. Another way that they make the batman logo stand out is the second logo, over The Dark Knight text is dark but has a shining light outline to show that it is there and to get people to recognise the iconic symbol.

The character Batman is shown to be coming out of the darkness at the bottom of the poster, he is wearing a black suit and this makes him hard to see. This gives a sense of mystery and crime which fits with the thriller genera. He is looking off into the distance and this combined with the fire gives the viewer the sense that some action is going to happen and this builds suspense. This makes it very thrilling.

The tag line for the film is “Welcome to a world without rules” this makes the viewer feel like they are in the film world more and feel more involved. A world without rules is a direct comparison to our world and current society as the world described in the film is supposedly the world we live in now, this one has no rules and breakdown in society.


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