The wrong mans essay:

How is Sam Pinkett presented in the opening scenes of the wrong mans?


Sam Pinkett is the main charter in the opening scene that we saw from the BBC show, the wrong mans. He is presented as lazy, boring and weak because of the way he acts and mese on scene and through the analysis of sound.

One example of he is presented as being a boring character who is boring and lives an ordinary life that never really changes. One of the ways that this is presented in the opening scene is through the choice of music that is used as he is walking out of his house into the snow and finds that his bike is gone. The music playing here is quite a soft sung song with no real beat, this presents Sam’s character as fairly mundane as there is no exiting vibe to the song. The lyrics to the song start off with the phrase “Get me away from here I’m dying” this shows that he is not enjoying his life and wants to move away to some place more exiting or do something more entertaining with his life, this presents him as boring and not living life to its full potential, making it seem like he would be a character that the viewer would think nothing interesting could happen too. This makes the viewer feel a sence of security and that’s why the car crash was so shocking in the opening scene.

One way that San Pinkett is shown is to be a weak character is through the car crash when he feints. As Sam feints and falls on the floor this makes him look weak as a stereotypical manly man would be able to see blood and violence and not worry about it. Sam defies the stereotype by passing out and therefor this makes him look like a lesser man. The editing work also helps demonstrates this because when he feints the shot fades out in an eye shape and goes white, making the viewer feel like they are in the scene and feinting at the sight of the crash too. Another way that he is shown as weak is because of mese on scene where he brings out the paper bag to inhale into when he is approaching the sight of the car crash. The paper bag represents his fear making him look like a weak character, as he carries a paper bag around for situations where he panics. To the viewer this makes him look weak and against the manly stereotype that would be expected from a twenty something year old man. Another way that Sam is made to look weak is through the camera work used in the scene where he was talking to the police. The camera is at a low angle looking down on Sam when he was talking to the officers making him look smaller and weak in comparison to the officers who are having a high camera angle used at them to make them look bigger and more of the manly stereotype that is the opposite of how Sam is being presented.

Sam is also presented as being lazy, this can be shown in the way that his house and style of living is presented. One example of this is in the opening shot that pans around Sam’s bedroom focuses on the fact that he is living out of boxes, this shows that he has been too lazy to unpack his things after moving in and gives the viewers of the program an overview of the fact he lives his life in a lazy laid-back manor in the opening shot. Another way he is presented as being lazy and laid back is through the use of camera work as he walks through the main room in his house. The shot first focuses on a cluster of beer bottles and then changes the focus to further away to show Sam walking past them. This shows that he is lazy because of the way he lives in a mess. This would make the audience feel as if he cannot be bothered to pick them up and clean after himself after the party.

In conclusion, Sam is presented as being lazy, boring and weak in the opening scene of The Wrong Mans due to his lifestyle, the way he is presented as the opposite to the stereotypical manly man and also boring due to his lack of excitement towards life.


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